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October 08, 2010
Missed By: Jan, Bob, Andy, Allie & Chris

A tribute to our Sweet Zeke

From the moment we met you in March 2002 at the SPCA we fell in love with you.
The big yellow lab, who always seemed to be smiling.
We couldn�t believe that you had been turned into the pound not once but 3 times. We didn�t understand how anyone could do that to such a beautiful dog.
When we brought you home we thought Wyatt was a lame name for you and so you became Zeke
We discovered that you loved to get �dressed up� with a fun bandana around your neck, especially your Webeleo one.
Any new bandana would find you dancing around the kitchen in anticipation of having tied it around your neck.
You would also dance any time I said �Daddy�s home.� You�d be running from window to door looking for Bob�s truck and waiting for him to come up the stairs. Then you would great him with dancing and prancing until Bob got your leash. You loved your daily walks and even when you got too sick to go, you sometimes still would run to the closet looking for your leash.
You tolerated us dressing you in a Christmas hat even though I am sure you thought we were silly.
And you were King of the �biscuits� you could never get enough!
As big as you were, at 125 pounds, you thought you were a lap dog. You loved to jump up in Bob�s lap while he sat in the recliner. And you loved to sleep with Allie in her bed until she moved to her own place with Chris. Then you slept next Bob on his side of the bed and when he got up early you would jump in bed next to me to snuggle.
Because you were such a happy guy your big tail was always thumping on the floor or on the walls. It wasn�t unusual for you to wake us up in the morning with your tail going thump thump thump on the closet door. You usually woke up Grandma and Grandpa too with your loud tail.
And you loved to go for sleepovers at Allie & Chris� apartment. When Allie came to visit you would give her �the look� until she relented and would bring you for a visit.
You were literally a HUGE presences in our lives, always in the middle of the room, needing to be near those you loved.
Now you are a HUGE presence in our hearts, never, ever to be forgotten.
We love you sweet Zekie boy.